Fall 2022 Consortium Meeting


Stephen Sonnenberg, PhD

Sonnenberg Fall 2022 Meeting

Chris Beliveau

CCUS potential for the Niobrara A and B intervals at Redtail Field, Weld County, Colorado

Gabrielle Bennett

Gabrielle Bennett_MSc student introduction

Melia Eaton

Melia Eaton MSc student introduction

Eric Hillman

Reservoir characterization of the Codell and Niobrara Formations, Postle Area, Wattenberg Field

Matthew Keator

Reservoir quality and characterization of the Codell Sandstone, NE Silo Field Area

Emre Cankut Kondacki

Geochemistry of the Niobrara Formation and Ocean Anoxic Event III

Christopher Matson

Organic matter enrichment and preservation during Ocean Anoxic Event II

Selena Neale

Sedimentary lithofacies classification in Wolfcamp A and B in the Midland Basin from supervised machine learning

Rebekah Parks

Reservoir characterization of the Shannon Sandstone, SW Powder River Basin

Sean Rascoe

Sean Rascoe MSc student introduction: FMI and facies analysis of the Codell Sandstone in the Redtail Field

Alexa Socianu

The Mowry Shale of the Powder River Basin: A Multiscale Re-evaluation of a Super Basin Source Rock and Emerging Unconventional Play

Drew Stump

Muddy Sandstone EUR (CCUS), Bell Creek Field, Montana

Patrick Sullivan

Origin and stratigraphy of enigmatic sandstones of the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway-Wall Creek-Turner System

Chad Taylor

Reservoir characterization and assessment of reservoir deliverability in the Niobrara and Codell formations in the Hereford Field, Weld County, Colorado

Ozan Uzun

Evaluating production performance of Permian Basin wells to improve hydrocarbon recovery