Phase XX

PHASE XX INTEGRATED PROJECT – Fasken Ranch, Permian Basin, TX:

The Fasken Oil and Ranch dataset ranges from the Central Basin Platform into the Midland Basin with 278 square miles of 3D seismic, an inset area of 9C3D seismic, 3 9C3D VSPs, well log data, core data, production data, and the opportunity to acquire DAS for fracture and/or production evaluation. Initially, the RCP integrated team will research regional CBM to basin depositional reconstruction, PP-PS inversion attribute potential and mapping of fluid distribution, AVO and AVA learnings, and VSP facies identification/machine learning. Additional project foci will be added as new students join the team.

Phase XX – Proposal

Other field projects in this phase:

  • Bakken Mariner, ND – DSS Hydraulic Fracture and Production monitoring
  • DJ-Postle, DJ Basin, CO – Phase XIX integrated geophysics, geology, and production project
  • Powder River Basin, WY – Compressive Sensing Acquisition Analysis
  • Powder River Basin, WY – CCUS Evaluation Workflow
  • North Sea 4D – Edvard Grieg oil field time-lapse 3D PP-PS and FWI production monitoring
  • Gulf of Mexico – Time-Lapse DAS VSP
  • Gulf of Mexico – Ultra-wide Offset 3D OBN, 3C analysis
  • Gorgon Project, offshore western Australia – Horizontal component analysis and utility
  • Middle East Project, Kuwait  – deep Jurassic carbonate/shale reservoir


  • Fiber Optics:  DAS – Seismic, DAS and DTS – production
  • Advanced Seismic Imaging: PP-PS imaging, FWI
  • Compressive Sensing:  CS for seismic acquisition
  • Machine Learning:  Exploration and development applications
  • CCUS



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